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Technical data of hollow tile

CE 771-1-2003. Cathegory II. Tolerance T1+. Path R2. Intended structural use
Characteristic Result Unit of measurement
Resistance to compression | Support face 6,3 N/mm2
Average gap surface percentage 52 %
Resistance to shear adhesion 0,15  
Reaction to fire Euroclass A1 Cathegory
Average water absorption by capillarity 0,9 Kg/(m2 x min)
Coefficient of diffusion of water vapor 5/10  
Mean value of flexural strength 10,3 N/mm2
Dry bulk density 850 Kg/m3
Dry Absolute Density 1770 Kg/m3
Thermal conductivity equivalent Perc=50%: 0,20
Perc=90%: 0,27
Durability against thawing Not freeze  
Hazardous substances It does not have  

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