Natural is timeless

For almost 7000 years, construction based on cooked clays has not stop adapting, providing solutions to all kinds of tasks and needs.

Structural ceramics is still used, sheltering, pointing, underlining and merging with the landscape.

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Mudéjar Mudéjar
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Land makes the difference

More than 100 years of experience has allowed us to master the entire production process in order to obtain quality standards at the highest possible level. This is the challenge and probably the reason why we are still stand, with more than 100 years of existence.

The basis of our quality begins in the lands. It is practically impossible to guarantee a land with the same composition all the time: We became aware of the handicap with a deep knowledge of the tolerances in the deviations on the ideal compositional pattern. Honestly, only a few times we were forced to import land (at a higher cost, not passed on) until we can guarantee a constant supply of land in proximity with the qualities required.

Earth swallow me

Minimum quality: abundant in carbonates, salts and quartz. Absence of homogeneity. Not even as a gift!

Nobody's land

It is so bad that no one should use it. Even so, some people just abuse sometimes ... They squeeze so much that then happens what happens...

The promised land

The jewel in the crown: scarce and very expensive. The best of the best but ... the market does not pay this quality.

Land in sight!

The discovery and obsession of Cehimosa. Balanced and homogeneous lands: Clays of kaolinite origin, with high content of alumina (approximately 25%) and silica (60%) and low in alkali oxides, of the order of 1%. Clean organic matter and with calcination losses of less than 8%. Specific to our Natural Stonewear. And up to 7% iron oxides, for materials such as Terracotta or Red Stonewear.

Clays with a high cooking range with which we can make products with different degrees of absorption:

Ranging from 1000ºC to 1260ºC. Plasticides ranging from 24 to 29% according to the Pfefferkorn method, allowing us to make a perfect extrusion.

We use pure free silica clays and particle sizes of less than 550 microns, with pyroplastic deformation indexes of the order of 5*10-6 cm-1, which gives a high load resistance in the process.


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