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Technical data of natural stonewear

CE UNE-EN 14411 - Anexo A, Grupo AI (E<3%)
Characteristic Test method Required value Declared value
Dimensiones y aspecto superficial. Dimensions and surface quality ISO 10545-2 Length and width: +-2%(max. 4mm.)
Thickness: +-10%
Straightness +-0.6%
Rectangularity: +-1.0%
Flatness: +-1.5%
Surface quality <= 5%
Absorción de agua. Water absorption ISO 10545-3 Value mean E<=3%
Maximum value E=3.3%
Carga de ruptura. Breaking stregth ISO 10545-4 > 1100 N > 3000 N
Resistencia a la flexión. Modulus of rupture ISO 10545-5 Value mean > 23N/mm2
((Not necessary if Modulus of rupture > 3000 N)
> 23 N/mm2.
Dureza al rayado superficial. Surface scratch resistance (Mohs scale) UNE 67 101 Not required 7-8
Resistencia a la abrasión. Resistance to deep abrasion ISO 10545-6 Wasted material volum <= 275 mm3 Fulfiled (211 mm3)
Resistencia a la helada. Frost resistance ISO 10545-12 Not required Resists
Resistencia química. Chemical Resistance ISO 10545-13
Household cleaning
products: min. UB
Class UA
No visible effect
Additives for swimming
pool waters: min. UB
Class UA
No visible effect
Acids and alkalis
low concentrations
Class ULA
No visible effect
Acids and alkalis
high concentrations
Class UHA
No visible effect
Resistencia a las manchas. Stain resistance ISO 10545-14 Not required Light oil
Class 5
Hot water
cleaning agent
Resistencia al deslizamiento. Slip resistance
Required in CTE depending on use In accordance to CTE: class 3 (maximum)
DIN 51130
For shoed feet on
wet surface
Not required R11

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