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Advantages of ceramic step

The ceramic step of CEHIMOSA has these advantages.

* The patent of the product allows an easy stacking and a safe transportation of the material.

* The patented system allows a safer and more reliable assembly due to its special on-site grip characteristics.

* FAST: By placing a piece you can make one step..

* HIGH RESISTANCE: Product tested in laboratory and tested in more than 5 works. Standard measures according to the new Technical Building Code (CTE).

* SCALABLE: Can be cut and adapted to available space and at different levels.

* COST SAVINGS: Less intervention of materials and labour, productivity is multiplied by three.

* LIGHT: Equivalent weight below other solutions.

* CLEAN: No debris is produced.

* SAFE: Walkable when curing

* WARRANTY: supported with the guarantee of CEHIMOSA.

* REFRAMABLE: We can correct mistakes in the placement without costs or added times, easily.